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Katie Lee Hill

"Jason is as smart as he is warm. He knows how to fix things and will always be direct and honest with you. His years of directing and casting experience make him a valuable eye to have in the room and his genuine enthusiasm for the work is always a positive boost. Jason is someone you want to work with again and again."


Peter Gosik

"Jason is that rare triple threat: an artist who understands what it means to create original and exciting work from the standpoints of directing, writing, and casting. He is a joy to work with, consistently challenging the actor to work harder, dig deeper, and push past easy answers and comfort zones while always championing and celebrating their insight and instincts."


Katie Bruestle

"Every time I've worked with Jason it's proven to be some of the most fun I've ever had. He really knows how to throw you curve balls and give you fresh takes when you've hit a roadblock. Being an actor who is particularly hard on herself, I'm very grateful that he has the patience of a director who lets me try out my own ideas until we both feel satisfied. Aside from his individual attention, Jason is also supremely talented at looking at the big picture of the piece and making sure that it stays on track."

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