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Jason rehearsing with Teddy Boone and Simone Olsen Varela

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Jason offers private coaching sessions in New York City or, depending on your coaching needs, can consult with anyone around the world.  Whether you're looking for help with an upcoming audition, brush up on a monologue, or a revamp of your song book, Jason works with fantastic accompanists and music directors in the city for musical theatre coaching. 

Jason can provide the guidance you're looking for at a price you can afford. 

Jason has taught master classes for CAP21, Broadway Artists Alliance, Actor's Connection, American Academy of Dramatic Arts, Actor's Pro Expo, Social NY, CBU Management, among others. 


E-mail or fill out the form below for a personal consultation. 

Fred Willard, Jane Alexander, William Ryell, Bryonha Parham, and the company of SHOW BOAT.
Photo by Adrienne Grunwald for the Wall Street Journal.

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